Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Spot the English knobhead.
Expect more of these next year Portugal!

burn out

Sktc Stnc/M.m/L.a portugal

ciso jumped in the pool alot

Flip flops, thrash. whah.whah pedals, circle pit
in the pool!

Mr miyagi hit the pool stage

sss/Bow and Arrow t-shirt!

Holy shit....
where do you begin?

Tribute to wasted days food post while watching Graveyard.

Gama Bomb. massive pit, they went off!

shit and shine......didnt get it


Flew out to Northern Portugal this
weekend to cut a break from the
Coffee shop, catch up friends from
Mr Miyagi and slug about at a 3 day Festival
called MILHOES DE FESTA (millions of parties).
High Lights
Motornoise, Glockenwise, GraveYard, Vivian Girls
Larkin, Mr miygai, Aethenor, We are the Damned
Shouts out to Lovers and Lollypops Records

first stop Mr Miyagi's PYO spot.
Goatside in there hometown of Vianna.
(excuse the crop top, flipflop deck inspector dude, but this is

Barnstorming out of the heat.
flipflop check

Pop up tents on gravel!
It was in the shade but also next to a
chicken coop!

This fucker!
Our neibouring campers were more than hyped
to stay up all night popping pills and antagonising
The male rooster! no sleep til Cocklyn

1 euro for a can/1.50 for a pint!!
but was kinda weak, think you have to drink
this much to get the full hit!

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