Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Spot the English knobhead.
Expect more of these next year Portugal!

burn out

Sktc Stnc/M.m/L.a portugal

ciso jumped in the pool alot

Flip flops, thrash. whah.whah pedals, circle pit
in the pool!

Mr miyagi hit the pool stage

sss/Bow and Arrow t-shirt!

Holy shit....
where do you begin?

Tribute to wasted days food post while watching Graveyard.

Gama Bomb. massive pit, they went off!

shit and shine......didnt get it


Flew out to Northern Portugal this
weekend to cut a break from the
Coffee shop, catch up friends from
Mr Miyagi and slug about at a 3 day Festival
called MILHOES DE FESTA (millions of parties).
High Lights
Motornoise, Glockenwise, GraveYard, Vivian Girls
Larkin, Mr miygai, Aethenor, We are the Damned
Shouts out to Lovers and Lollypops Records

first stop Mr Miyagi's PYO spot.
Goatside in there hometown of Vianna.
(excuse the crop top, flipflop deck inspector dude, but this is

Barnstorming out of the heat.
flipflop check

Pop up tents on gravel!
It was in the shade but also next to a
chicken coop!

This fucker!
Our neibouring campers were more than hyped
to stay up all night popping pills and antagonising
The male rooster! no sleep til Cocklyn

1 euro for a can/1.50 for a pint!!
but was kinda weak, think you have to drink
this much to get the full hit!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

cph bro 2011

All the cph pro boys fucked off on the sunday we took a chance
flew in on the monday. 6 days in Denmark and sweeden
small crew, my ulgy birthday, bags and tents on backs
new flat roads. new concrete no plan.
Parks were quite i got new camera.


swing ball?

5boro street push in hot pursuit of fruit booter.

Sun comes up at 5.03am, we wake..

morning glory 7.59am

endless street march through the sweedish
future nowhereness

third time at this park, i took the alternative

Blader stance in the deep grey

ciggy, front foot curl and up in the green all before
breakfast! goose rips

Baltic bath time

birthday portrait

shameless band plug (danish will love this goth shit....)

Perfect bday sips. Jester weasel!

Big man goes BS

boring screensaver

Monday, 11 July 2011


French is flying by Liverpool wednesday night and installing
a mini exhibiton at bold street coffee.

Not only will his art work be gracing the walls for a month, but he will have limited screen prints/ tea towels and coffee mugs for sale throughout the exhibtion!
Come visit soon, as the proddys gonna sell fast!!!!


Saturday, 9 July 2011


My mates BOW and ARROW today
got a check out in the Liverpool ECHO!

Thanks sam

Ive spend many a long hours rolling round distant reaches of the
earth with Sam. He's always got a new camera and i always sneaking
sly pics of something or another.
The weird thing is that i never see any of his pics, he very close knit about them.
Either his hit rate is low and most of his pics never come out or he's gonna bust out a shocking/embarassing book of drunkern pictures his taken of me in times i honestly
cant remember and would rather never known happen'd.

This however is of a guy named Dick , he ruled The Hobgoblin pub in Brighton where
we used to often play with COLD ONES.
He gave me this print in an airport at the end of a five day trip for for my birthday

Cheers mate

Stay obscure


Chris and the Zipcodes

Years ago id often see Chris in comic shops wearing a Stitches t-shirts an sporting an Adeline records mesh cap. I never spoke to him as its not cool to strike up social chit chat in comic shops but i always figured we'd defo have a few things in common as i was sure i was one of the only people in the country with an Adeline mesh!
When One man Army came through the Liverpool around 2003 me a Chris struck it off over a beers and holla's for obscure OMA b-sides.
Fast foward nearly ten years and Chris has grown from the slightly akward, new bass guy in DOWN and OUTS to fronting the latest re-shuffled incarnation of the band.
ZIPCODES to my ears and eyes is Chris's vision of playing in Gilman in the late 90's opening for The Fleshies/The Network/ The bodies/ Broken bottles/ and The U.S bomBs.

Its was a no brainer when asked to do a logo for em