Wednesday, 29 December 2010

screen obscene

The nearest to art im getting over the next couple

licking flames

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Jippo XMAS rapping instructions

take one waxxx (free)

Take your gift. In this case pick up (steal) and shitty
tech deck from route one bargin bin.

Rip/cut/tear shred waxxx!

start the wrapping until a rapper appears...

Seal the deal with tape, gum or spit will also work is
if you really jippo.

sktcstnc/LOst Art limited gift wrap.!

rip it up!

those in the nose

1 shitty indian rug
2 shitty slippers
2 massive jiffy bags
1 Gewer NOSE FACE board i conceptuslised a while ago.

Never got one from S.F, and never had the cash or patience for the ebay hussle.

Much love to BADMAN for Package 3!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

unused and abused

Declined Card idea.
You can now print out and give
to a weird, lonley friend!

festive filth!

Anti social envelope two.
Scum fuck zine from Leeds is a refreshing reminder
that skate vermin out there are still obsessed with
smut,gore, skull and skateboards.
Hunt this crass paper and staples publication down
from near the biffa bins round the back of you local branch of Nice and naughty.
Also includes one of the last printed COLD ONES interview.

johhny halladay

Through the Parisian snow storms and after much
inter band deliberation came package one.
The Shirts are clean and demo tapes rocking too
check em out

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Friday, 10 December 2010

extra extra..

Like decent content, well written articles, hot chicks, beer, explosions and inspiration?
dont pick this up.

Like free newsprint papers to start your fires with throughout December pick up WAXX this month at a Metro stand near you!
a metro stand near you.

prison slops

Not the greatest but on a 12 hour deadline...


Fresh from the southern city and The 2010 U.K Barista's championship judges Handbook.
The abstract, alternative, awarding winning and much talked about
Hoffmans scratching, Square miles talking, Has bean leightons laughing, Monmouths quaking
Weidelmans not amused!
Ask for one at your local coffee shop, see if this new drink has caught on!

Its not so clear but there is definate form to
THE ROCKO! (rock'ucino?)

Not primo, vente, small or grande

This is THE G.G!

Rumple Stiltskin / Crumple foreskin
Call it what you want but to avoid
embarasment at the counter go
for the

Saturday, 4 December 2010

board party

when i rains you cant skate
when i snows its too icy to walk round town.
what can ya do?

While snow fell in minus tempartures
over liverpool city centre last night i took the new
LOST ART 'Eazy E' for a cocktail or two to celebrate its release.

i hate summer.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

dem latte mocha frappe shits...


Get your SKTCSTNC dollars this Christmas at LOST ART!

snow blind

'fuck christamas'- LEE VING