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when you buy our coffee.

The first and still the best quality bean shop in town!


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Geoff Rowley Liverpool Shoe launch 2015

This show opens saturday evening in the coffee shop then go see these after across the road

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When Damien Abraham dedicated Fucked UPS Liverpool's Sound City 2015 Saturday night headlining set to cult Scouse wrestling icon Robby Brookside, i seriously doubt the Canadian front man could have ever imagined he'd find himself ending his performance being smashed through a metal crowd barrier and left to defend himself against a small group of violent 'Lads' on a Stag weekend.

As year of the Dragon reached its 10 minute peak of volume and intensity a small fracas broke out on the front row instigated by a group of High street looking, bank holiday party boys who had clearly never been near a pit before or at all understood the ethics and bodily movement commonly seen while responding to heavy music.
Several fists were exchanged back on forth between the lads and an enthusiastic fucked up fan, nothing was noticed by the security. The lads dispersed then after a short verbal exchange came charging back knocking the fucked up fan and several other people around to the ground.
At this point after seeing the lack of any security intervention Damien stepped off stage and into the crowd in order to separate the brawling party and gestured for the disruptive  men to leave warehouse.
Things turned nasty when in clear view of 3 stewards Damien was swung for and then set upon by the intoxicated pack.  Maintaining his intention, Damien dragged one of the men towards the exit of the warehouse to the left off the stage but was over powered and thrown through a metal crowd barrier.
At this stage Damien is face down of top of the  attacker and receiving several kicks and fist to his back and head while  the 3 security stewards look terrified and confused. Panicked messages we spoken into radios and talk of 'Back up' was requested while My girlfriend and i with aid of festival goers outside the stage were forced to step in and separate the mess of bodies, ripped clothes and now blood!

The whole incident lasted for maybe 5 Min's until Abraham was able to be dragged back on feet and back to the stage. He announced 'This is the worst Gig he had ever played'!!!"  'and "there was nothing glamorous about what just happened.."

By this point maybe two or three more hi viz jackets had arrived but the Lads were long gone.
The band finished the last song the Damien was treated in the St John Ambulance tent.

One of the younger female security stewards stated the lads disruptive behaviour had been noted earlier in the evening and were visiting from the North East and were on a 'Stagg Do'.

She also confirmed that she witnessed the 3 other security guys complete lack of intervention or ability to maintain any safety for the audience or the performers!
She couldn't Either confirm that the lads had Sound City wrist bands..

I later managed to speak to the now bruised and shocked 40 year old front man and father of two.
His response was justified but disappointing to my ears as a fan of the band  as he claim "The attack would mark end of his touring of Europe and was a terrible experience with UK security"

The whole turn of events was a disgrace on behalf of security and a total embarrassment to Liverpool sound city.

Witness's also claim the lads were later still seen still walking around the festival.

Nothing at all has been mentioned regarding the attack but I'm sure if it was the singer from Flaming lips (the other headlining act that night) a lot more would have been said.


Sunday, 24 May 2015


Former band mate, bean scene brother and hot and cold boneless blaster Sam (SLITT) Little is now CEO of his own upstart endeavour  LENTO PIZZA.
Fresh sough dough, wood fire baked pizza handmade directly behind the bank to wall at New bird skatepark!!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Im a huge fan of fucked up,  over the last ten years ive seen them countless times.
Attending one of these gigs in manchester i met Giles who has an extensive collection  of Fucked up records and archives which he documents on this  blog FUCKED UP DISCOGRAPHY.
He Approached me about drawing a one off back cover for an early pressing of the LOOKING FOR GOLD 12''.
He it is.

 This saturday fucked up will be playing their zodiac set town and it will mark my 30th FU GIG.

                              "ARE YOU THE FIRE OR JUST ANOTHER FLAME"

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Cheshier Farmart

The power of white space!

need a plumber?

need bio mass energy saver installed??

click below


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self explanatory

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Stoked to give a few hours and some ink for the cover of chester scene video  GROW UP.
I pretty much grew up skating a traveling around with Owain back in my hometown days.

Its cool he's still skating and active in the chester scene.
Look forward to seeing this when its done.

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scared of colour..
my contribution to the nohomers club exhibition on the 17th  April

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Full house, hyped on the display cases, stoked on the shoes.
Everyones London friendly. 
Tea and pastries on vans paper plates. BEAST!
ow.. theres actually CARDS!
This is gonna be intense.

Formalities, handshakes, edge burners now were rolling.
The shoes fits, the shoes respond!
We want MORE!!
Too many skaters not enough park,
to much energy not enough release.
With a united understanding we don’t poccess the tricks or the showmanship for notable contribution to the mix we split.

Testing the Vans 18 TnT at Rush hour in The House of the Vans was fast becoming a one dimensional display, where as testing
the Vans 18 TnT at rush in The Capital with street beers and two hour kill time before the last train north was a more familiar and appealing roadeo.
Peel out!
No map, no iPhone fisheye. Two can street hype with 62% battery. 4 attempts move on rule.


Fistfulla holla's-

HOUSE OF VANS LONDON/ ANTI HERO/ LOST ART, Alan Rushbrooke (Lord), Scotty Underdwon (STM) Ronnie/dead dave (Slugger) Tom/martin (Welcome) syd and kid (50/50), Jono o coote!! Horseley, Alex Halford, Jordan Thackery, Reamers mop head kid. BOOM!

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Put some fun inbetween your legs

The lady's screened a batch of these t-shirts for those
of the two wheeled pursuasion.
The patchs are rad!

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