Wednesday, 20 July 2011

cph bro 2011

All the cph pro boys fucked off on the sunday we took a chance
flew in on the monday. 6 days in Denmark and sweeden
small crew, my ulgy birthday, bags and tents on backs
new flat roads. new concrete no plan.
Parks were quite i got new camera.


swing ball?

5boro street push in hot pursuit of fruit booter.

Sun comes up at 5.03am, we wake..

morning glory 7.59am

endless street march through the sweedish
future nowhereness

third time at this park, i took the alternative

Blader stance in the deep grey

ciggy, front foot curl and up in the green all before
breakfast! goose rips

Baltic bath time

birthday portrait

shameless band plug (danish will love this goth shit....)

Perfect bday sips. Jester weasel!

Big man goes BS

boring screensaver

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