Saturday, 9 July 2011

Chris and the Zipcodes

Years ago id often see Chris in comic shops wearing a Stitches t-shirts an sporting an Adeline records mesh cap. I never spoke to him as its not cool to strike up social chit chat in comic shops but i always figured we'd defo have a few things in common as i was sure i was one of the only people in the country with an Adeline mesh!
When One man Army came through the Liverpool around 2003 me a Chris struck it off over a beers and holla's for obscure OMA b-sides.
Fast foward nearly ten years and Chris has grown from the slightly akward, new bass guy in DOWN and OUTS to fronting the latest re-shuffled incarnation of the band.
ZIPCODES to my ears and eyes is Chris's vision of playing in Gilman in the late 90's opening for The Fleshies/The Network/ The bodies/ Broken bottles/ and The U.S bomBs.

Its was a no brainer when asked to do a logo for em

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