Thursday, 5 January 2012

sketch stance// Letterman

I inked this t-shirt design nearly two years ago for Lost Art.
I was't that into at first as i thought was a bit boring and out of my scumbag comfort zone.
i wasnt at all sure it was going to be recieved well.
Last Night the WU LYF bass player took to big screen on The DAVID LETTERMAN show
and joined the every growing list of Doormen, bar tenders, youtube rappers, students, bmxers, emo kids, kick boxers,
pit bull owners, fashion critcs, baristas, fixy fruits, promoters, gym abusers, roller bladers, bus stop dwellers, hollyoaks extras and
100% Liverpool skate rats to wear the EAZY-E t-shirts!
If i had a penny for every time..............

On that note if your in WU LYF and you'd like to commision me to do do you shirt design
please get in touch.

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