Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Roller Burn went off last Weekend
in a massive metal box at Newark Showground
36 minutes outside of Nottingham.
Inside the tin of mixed meats were
Custom motorBikes, Roller skaters, free stylers, slalom skaters
middle age shredders, tattoo guys, razor scooter kids,
parents, Rock o billy greasers, gear heads, spaniards,
Americans, texans, Bmxers, beers guzzlers, 60s' garage band
fanatics, professional pin stripers, rock n roll fashion traders,
photographers, dogs and SKETCHSTANCE.

Sadley as my booking agent was away on a well earned winter escape to Monico,
i booked this myself.
This resulted in me traveling by ways of three trains, one taxi and a 7 hour return
journey to Liverpool as i had coffee duties the next morning.
As soon i set up i bascially had enough time for a beer a quick mooch
a few hand shakes then had to split with a suitcase full of frames!

It was a long mission, but not what most people do on there Saturday off.
This is what i saw...

This was SKetchStnce...


ready to roll any time between 79-2012

Dave 'd.A' Arnold flying the slalom cousre.
too fast too wiggly for my lense.
cone down bro!

Im trying to set my fence up and this dude
with a speed ometer on his hemet
kept hauling MONGO at me , hucking macho
muscle vest early grabs over this box and then asking me to take pictures!
It wasnt pretty, but im too polite.
peep the compression!

Then freestyling....

My Shanty set up...

Stevie G seemed like a friendly guy.
He slashed his hand mounting his work and had to
go to hospital, what he left on the fence was rad.

Rest of his work was really cool too.

Lotta this....

Lotta this...

this was my view for the next 4 hours..

i still have a few ROLLERBURN TSHIRTS left if anyone want to buy half price.

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