Tuesday, 9 February 2010


London was a hectic 48 hours.
Traveled half the length of the country with a skateboard bag containing 20
glass picture frames. Lost my girlfriend on the underground with no phone, no money, no oyster, no hope. Thank you to London's finest underground staff for keeping her safe in lost property.
Drank over priced shots in Peckham, my wallet regretted this the next morning at breakfast.
Watched the snow fall on Carnaby street (gay, but beautiful too) as i hung the 15 frames which survived the journey.
Walked away half stoked that i had managed pulled off my first ever public exhibition of crappy ink and note pad scrawlings and half bummed i had missed out on a pair of all black half cabs in the vans sale next door.
Ate pizza, drank a flat white, pondered with the idea of seeing Clint Eastwood at the red carpet opening of his new film. Swerved Dirty Harry, Saluted Big Ben, recalled Ben Jobes RAD cover as i passed south bank, followed Bob Hoskins footsteps across the Thames, topped it off in style simping Marks n Spencers own brand beer all the way back to Lime st.

The Frames will be on the wall at HOWIES on CARNABY STREET till early March, prints of all the painting are availbe for a small fee.
The very Limited Elephant shirt will be out soon too


Hand tagged

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