Sunday, 6 December 2020


 This Small Independent Restaurant makes really good Vietnamese food , coffee and cocktails.

Its across the road from my studio and has got me through the second half of 2020.

Thank you Melissa Peter and team.


Hallouminato Food


Peak sandwich bar in Chester market



Monday, 2 November 2020


This started as a passing idea one morning at New Bird.
It didn't sink in until the sparkling waters were being poured out and I'm sat around the big table.
" Dr. John Cooper Clarke is coming to Town for his new Book Launch. 
Your gonna sit and av a chat, it'll be filmed we'll extract lines
of your yammering and from their you can put it into pen and ink for new LA collab! "
The caffeine buzz and chewing gum took the hot air out of my brain and into my note book.
Stoked, if it happens it happens. 
I dropped the needle on Katy's Orange Plectrum shaped 'Gimmick' 7'' and within 30 seconds
he references skateboarding! 
here we go.
The next 7'' put my hands on is recorded Live in Erics '78!
This is all falling in place as the Indian ink flows and the email trains start choo choo'in.
'Gimmick' gets back heeled, tier 3 meant the meet up couldnt go down so it is a agreed
Lines from 'Chicken town' are more relevant than ever.
The Amber turns Green and before ya know it the cameras rolling and im charging round Salford with a new balance box under my arm trying to keep up with West Derby's fastest growth spurt Charlie Birch! @charlie_birch 
*Side Note.
Mr Leviathan of Palace Capital County Boutique, please get his face on a postage stamp or a five-pound note before the years out. He's currently operating on a higher frequency. I was honoured to watch.

I limp off the train, the ink has cured on the shirts and the edit will be out any minute.
The Gear will be available through Lost Art Very soon.
Hopefully @johncooperclarke will make it here in one form or another and we can discuss Hoola Hoops, Skateboards, Cheshire, heshers and threshers.
Thank you all @lostartshop heads for me getting me involved here. one for the CV.

My Mum and Dad will stoked on this too.


Full line of gear availble from LOST ART SHOP WEBSITE


Little Dumpling King


New Pop Up Restaurant opening soon

Saturday, 25 July 2020

The Bagelry

Ive ate hear, played in their, drank out of their lampshades and they employ good peoples.
No brainer for the